Sunstainable Development

Sustainable development commitments


  • We adapt the use of lights according to the season and the weather conditions.

  • Heating and air conditioning run automaticly.

  • The standby mode on all our computers is programmed and we turn them off when we close the Tourist Office.

  • We prioritize the purchase of low-energy equipments.

  • We send our letters in « economy mode » (cheaper and greener solution, less CO2 emissions).

Waist sorting

  • We collect used batteries.
  • We use recycling bins next to our offices.
  • We have implemented a common recycling bin for the paper in the our offices.
  • Poop bags are available and free in our tourist offices.
  • Used printer ink cartridge are colected by Rex Rotary to be recycled.

Buy responsibly

  • For our office supplies, we use as far as possible, green products.
  • We work as far as possible with ecolabelled companies.
  • We buy green cleaning products.

Paper economy

  • We adapt our stocks according to the requests
  • We systematically print in recto-verso and we only print the useful documents for our visitors.
  • We entice people into downloading our documentation or asking us to send it by email rather than print it.
  • We systematically use scrap paper for our everyday work
  • We create flashcodes to reduce prints.

Our engagements with the public

  • At the end of every winter seasons, we organize a collecting and cleaning day with local people and tourists.

  • We help tourists by giving them th best advices to evolve in the mountain environment

  • A notice about waist sorting is available for every lessor in the resort.

  • We entice people into respecting the environment on our website, in our brochures and in our e-mail signatures.

  • We print and send our entertainment programms according to occupancy rate.

  • We entice our visitors into using our free shuttles to move in the resorts rather than using the car.