Tourism Quality Mark

Tourism Quality Brand

Since December 5, 2017, the Tourist Office of Saint Jean d´Arves has been certified Quality Tourism. Our visitors are thus assured of a welcome and a quality service, the socio-professionals of a constancy in the promotion of their offer and the services offered by the Tourist Office.


The Saint Jean d´Arves Tourist Office has also been classified category 1 since 08/26/2018. This classification is granted for a period of 5 years and is valid until 2023.


Commitment to the quality approach makes it possible to formalize and enhance our practices, our tools, our actions and to define a strategy based on "field" expertise, involving all stakeholders. It is the guarantee for our partners, the community and the team, of an effective and efficient service, of compliance with the objectives and strategy of the Tourist Office.
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Qualité Tourisme is a brand that brings together the rigorous quality procedures undertaken by tourism professionals whose objective is the quality of service for customer satisfaction


Registered by the Ministry of Tourism, the Qualité Tourisme mark is a sign of trust for you as well as for your customers. The Qualité Tourisme brand encompasses all the services that are at the heart of the French tourist offer: accommodation, restaurants, cafes, brasseries, convention centers, travel agencies and seasonal rentals, transport, tourist offices.


It respects national quality commitments and is based on an external audit. This continuous improvement approach is based on listening to customers through systematic analysis of satisfaction surveys and complaints. These procedures allow professionals to improve their services to always satisfy tourists.


Joining Qualité Tourisme has concrete advantages. The brand improves the readability of the quality tourist offer. It constitutes a guarantee for tourists. It ensures increased promotion, in France and abroad, of professionals committed to quality. The member professionals thus justify the Quality Tourism slogan: "External sign of confidence"
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  • A warm welcome
  • Attentive staff
  • Fluency in foreign languages
  • Personalized services
  • Clear and precise information
  • Cleanliness and comfort guaranteed
  • Discovering a destination
  • Your opinion taken into account

Guaranteeing a quality welcome to all visitors to the Tourist Office is a priority for the entire team.


  • Define with its partners and transmit to them its strategy and objectives, its quality policy, its action plans as well as its annual reports, to assess its actions and their economic impact on the territory
  • Make quality a tool for improving and managing services, by continuing the daily management of the process by Quality Advisor Jennifer Lerke, with the support of Director Emmanuelle Buisson
  • Manage human resources, regularly train staff and provide them with the material resources to carry out their missions, integrate non-permanent or new staff, set up effective internal communication
  • Ensure the quality of services by respecting the procedures of the Quality approach of the entire team, collecting and analyzing quality indicators, as well as setting up and monitoring any corrective actions
  • Facilitate access to information at the tourist office.
  • Provide efficient and courteous telephone, digital and physical reception
  • Offer additional services to reception and tourist information
  • Have continuously trained staff
  • Continuously improve the reception service based on the quality indicators put in place
  • Structure the Tourist Office and engage it in a process of progress, a source of internal dynamics and greater economic performance
  • Work with its partners to continuously develop the quality of reception and services in the region
The Tourist Office is committed to implementing a quality policy aimed at the satisfaction of all of its visitors, partners and contacts:
  • the tourist clientele: by pursuing previously defined objectives and improving customer focus.
  • socio-professionals: by facilitating their access to information about the resort, by providing them with effective tools to facilitate the promotion of their establishment and more generally of the destination.
  • communities: by implementing a development and communication strategy to increase awareness of the destination and thereby increase the economic benefits of tourism.
  • the local population: by promoting access to information.